Best Free Plugins

Free plugins are the best and most economical way to enhance your music productions.

Every month, we curate the top 5 free plugins so that you can install them immediately and get started in the studio. Come back regularly and keep your free plugins up-to-date!

"The LA-2A Tube Compressor plug-in is the definitive emulation of this iconic optical limiter, giving you the same smooth, radio-ready dynamics control on vocals, guitars, bass, synths, and more."

"Pitch Drift introduces pitch fluctuations to make your tracks feel more organic and natural. Magic Dice gives you lush delay / reverb / modulation textures at the click of a button. Magic Switch is a free chorus plugin inspired by the classic Juno “one-button” chorus effects of the 1980s"

"OTT is a free re-creation of a popular aggressive multiband upwards/downwards compressor set-up used by many dubstep and electro producers."

"Bitter Sweet is Flux:: acclaimed transient processor used by hundreds of thousands of users for audio transient management with the simple turn of a knob"

"ValhallaSupermassive has been designed from the ground up for MASSIVE delays and reverbs. Get ready for luscious clouds of reverb, otherworldly delays, and swelling waves of feedback unlike any you’ve heard before."

"Flash is a high quality transient shaper with M/S capabilities, clipping function to never exceed 0dB a handy mix and output volume controls."

 "The unmistakable plate reverb sound – warm, rich and spacious – is now at your fingertips."

"The go-to vocal compressor & standard in analog world!"

"Vital is a spectral warping wavetable synthesizer. Discover how warping the harmonic makeup of a wavetable can completely create a new set of sounds"

"Add the smoothest high end you’ve ever heard without even a hint of harshness. Fresh Air is a dynamic high frequency processor that breathes new life into your mix with just two knobs."

Black Keys 3 is a library of 200 Instruments from 25 synthesizers and modern/vintage pianos. This plug-in contains vintage and modern classic synthesizers like Nina, Iridium, Super 6, Sub37, Prophet 5, CS-80, Jupiter 4, Prophet 12 and many more.

The Decent Samples plugin is a FREE sample player plugin that allows you to play sample libraries in the DecentSampler format (files with extensions: dspreset and dslibrary)

Place it lets you emulate the sound of a chosen speaker and place it in one of 40 different environments - all based on expertly recorded convolution impulse responses in true stereo.

Polyverse Wider gives any mono signal the illusion of an expanded stereo image with an awe-inspiring amount of width. 

iZotope Vocal Doubler is a free plug-in designed to enhance your vocal with a natural doubling effect, adding richness and depth.

Stereo Tool offers ultra-precise control of input gain and individual pan for left and right channels, accurate visual feedback reflecting the signal content with; a vector scope, PPM meters for inputs/outputs, phase correlation meter permanently monitoring the signal and individual left and right polarity reversal.

SPAN is a free real-time “fast Fourier transform” (FFT) audio frequency spectrum analyzer AAX, AudioUnit, and VST plugin for professional audio and music production applications.

TAL-Reverb-4 is a high quality plate reverb with a vintage 80's character.

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